Nov 15

About the Networks and stuff.

network-security-rpcWondering Raven networks

Founded in 1998, is an innovative network and incubator’s to various of other projects such as:

Garys computers that I have setup for computer services and cyber security awareness with consulting and deployment.

Ravenpc founded in 1998 as a consultant for building custom computers. Build, test, secured out of the box computers and one day to be a major competitor against Dell,hp etc.. assembled and supported in America.

DorkMedia project that started with just hosting and webdesign to other ideas cooking and in planning phases. is my blog on my garage projects and drifting and other blog roll projects mostly personal site and my future driver site for progressing with the Professional Drifting / Driving with the 200sx Nissan S12 (Silvia) projects.

Tougesw is a blog about various of events in the south west that covers anything automotive, when I am unable to drive I typically take some pictures with a recap of what I have seen. I plan to employ future amateur writers who is looking to cover more events in the southwest that I cannot cover.

WonderingRaven.Net started out as a network project with a slackware linux server stuck in a closet, hosted various of projects and learning the inner-working of linux system administration, cyber security and ventured to openbsd as a router and firewall system that all started at home. Moved forward to IRCd hosting, more with cyber security with various of web projects I got sick in 2003 with cancer and lost my domain for over 8 years and returned back in 2011-2012 when the domain registrar decided to stop registering it. Now I am back with moving forward as this newly founded business incubator. Now it is and has been an ongoing side project as I progress with my career and moving forward in life in one day to hopefully open Wondering Raven Networks as a real business and employ a lot of people.